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Commercials that have been produced my marketing agencies to spread around the internet as viral videos.

Gorilla Bursts Into Life

Cadburys 2007 advertisement featuring Gorilla and Phill Colins' I can feel it in the air tonight.

Nationwide Federline VIP Commercial

Probably one of the best commercials, ever.

AMP Walk of Shame

AMP Energy Drink walk of shame commercial. It's always nice to see a commercial that mentions cankles.

Sony City of Foam Commercial

Sony's new commercial involved creating a tidal wave of foam in downtown Miami. This looks awesome.

Slow Motion Mentos Geyser

A slow motion video taken of a mentos and soda geyser. Cool stuff.

White Van Police Chase

A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.

Candle Cannon

These guys create a gigantic air cannon to blow out a candle from 180 feet away. Pretty cool.

Kids Hack Train Tracks

It's illegal to interfere with railroad tracks. Tisk tisk!

You Are Stronger Than You Think

Well done commercial from Crunch Gym.

Amazing Parkour Soccer

These guys have some serious talent.

Dry Cleaners Beatdown Viral Marketing

Don't bad mouth your dry cleaner. An amazing commercial for the Jawbone bluetooth headset.

UFO Lands on Desk

Well done viral marketing commercial for a new cell phone.

Captain Morgan Commercial

Apparently drinking rum helps coordinate everyone at the bar.

People Stealing Carlsberg Beer From Truck Accident

I am pretty sure this is a viral marketing ad, but well done, Carlsberg.

Carlsberg and Mentos

He should have known better.

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