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Commercials that have been produced my marketing agencies to spread around the internet as viral videos.

Shiny Suds

Use the loofa... looofa loooofa looooooooofa

Better Together - Toyota Viral Marketing

Really well done... but still creepy.

Lake surfer

Quicksilver Viral Marketing.

How to tell your parents that you are gay...

How to tell your parents that you are gay...

Mini on highway

Viral Marketing from Mini.

Shark Surfer

Dude goes out surfing with a white shark.

Coolest Chameleon Ever

Real or fake? Viral marketing from RayBan.

Magazine - The 2009 Bud Bowl Secret Ad

Bud Light 2009 Bud Bowl Secret Spot "Magazine" Audio Producers Group Commercial

Want Cash

A hidden camera follows a guy as he tries to hand out cash to people on the street. Surprisingly, very few people seem interested. Viral Marketing ad by Western Union.

Beware of the Doghouse- Hilarious!

NICE Viral Marketing... I like it! "All I did was tell my wife her mom looked hot in a bathing suit... it was supposed to be a compliment!"

Safe For Work Porn

Finally, someone made it safe to watch at work.

Swedish Self-Cleaning Toilet Commercial

Ballsy move on this company's part... but awesome commercial!

Samsung Omnia Packaging

A viral marketing ad from Samsung for the new Omnia phone.

Human Skateboard

A stop motion viral marketing video to promote a shoe company.

A Girl, Her Tongue and a Hotel Room

ODDEST viral marketing technique ever... Not sure if this is gross or extremely hot. Also not sure if this is good marketing or bad marketing... Comment freely.

Gatorade Ball Girl

A viral marketing ad by Gatorade.

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