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Soulja Boy Music Videos

Crank Dat - White Version

White boys give their rendition of the crank dat dance.

Soulja Boy Tell Em Donk Music Video

Soulja Boy Tell Em - Donk Music Video

Soulja Boy Prison

I wanted to see more Soulja Boy and less MC Hammer. Even still, best Soulja Boy dance ever.

Valentines Day Date With Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy wearing the Yums hat on 106 & Park on BET Valentines Day

America's Best Dance Crew - Status Quo Soulja Boy

America's Best Dance Crew - Status Quo. Rendition of Soulja Boy dance.

The Truth about Soulja Boy

Soulja boy up in this ho, catch a tiger by the toe.

Soulja Boy CNN News

Crank Dat is the highest selling digital song ever.



Crank Dat Saved By The Bell

Soulja Boy videos are getting old now, but any video featuring clips from Saved By The Bell is always welcome here.

News Team Attempts Soulja Boy Dance

They were pretty terrible.

Sam Harris Reads Soulja Boy Crank That Lyrics

It brings a whole new meaning to the lyrics.

Soulja Boy Christmas Lights

Christmas lights synced up to Soulja Boy's Crank Dat.

Soulja Boy Thanksgiving Fun!

Soulja Boy Crankin it on thanksgiving then getting caught by police.

Soulja Girl Falls Off Stage

Could not have paid to see a better result.

Ultimate Crank Dat Remix

Not a music video really, but a remix of crank dat with Batman, Spiderman, and Soulja Boy.

Soulja Boy - Crank Dat Superman

Soulja Boy super man cartoon video.

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