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A collection of SNL's hilarious commercials.

Homocil SNL Commercial

Who wants Creme Brulee???

Uncle Jemima's Pure Mash Liquor

Pancakes is ready! You shutup woman!

SNL - NRA Commercial

Dude, remember to take the safety off!

SNL Morgan Stanley Commercial

I wish financial advisors were actually like this.

SNL - Tressant Supreme Commercial

How else am I going to interview Melissa Joan Hart for the 15th time?

SNL Tylenol BM Commercial

Did you *$%# the bed???

SNL Change Bank #2

The answer? Volume.

SNL Litter Critters

What's that smell in here?

SNL Bug Off

Go medieval!

SNL Cluckin' Chicken

The oxygen is leaving my brain!

SNL Swiffer Sleepers

The new way to clean.

SNL Cracklin' Oat Flakes

Start off your day with the right vitamins!

SNL Close Talkers

A little too close?

SNL - Racial Tension Headaches

Denise we need this, Denise we need that. Which is stressful... Because my name is LINDA.

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