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The best commercials out there.

Beggin Strips Commercial

Old School Beggin Strips Commercial.

Gorilla Bursts Into Life

Cadburys 2007 advertisement featuring Gorilla and Phill Colins' I can feel it in the air tonight.

Disturbing Kinder Surprise Commercial

Would you want to buy this candy?

Fart Ringtone Commercial

The fart ring tone would be a great way to play a prank on a friend.

Ikea Tidy Up Commercial

It's important to keep your house tidy.

Never Keep Condoms On You

Always keep them in the car.

You Are My Sunshine Green Energy Commercial

Until the sun shines out of your arse...

Hilarious Tire Advertisement

The dogs facial expressions are truly epic.

Man Catches Wife Cheating

He just can't resist singing along.

Funny Nestle Milkybar Commercial

My favorite part comes at the end.

Amazing Husband Commercial

Most commercials in the U.S. are incredibly lacking. Let's jot down a few pointers from this one.

Overhead Bin Won't Close

Don't you hate it when you can't get those pesky overhead bins to close? This video shows a possible cause of the problem.

My Mom Said I Could...

Best Mom Ever! (Until he finds out what's really going on)

Skittles King Midas Advertisement

What would you do if everything you touched turned to Skittles?

Instant Kiwi Lottery Commercial

I wish more students took advantage of the professor-student name knowledge deficiency (PSNKD).

Mr. Buckets

As a child I never realized just how inappropriate this commercial was.

Mr. Sprigg's BBQ

The meat falls of the boooooone!

Best Commercial Ever

Voted the best commercial ever... You'll see why.

Flea Market Montgomery

It's like a mini-mall!

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