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Wednesday – 10/10/2007

Future Dance

An old video, but definitely a must-watch if you have not already.

Balls of Steel - Burger Bowl Off

It's amazing how most of the people don't even get up as they are being pelted.

Tuesday – 10/09/2007

Good Cop, Baby Cop

Another great Will Ferrell sketch with Pearl as the interrogator.


The most extreme energy drink.

Monday – 10/08/2007

Host Vomits On-Air Twice

Swedish hostess Eva Nazemson vomits during a live broadcast. Later on she actually vomits again off screen. According to the subtitles, it happened because of her "painful menstruation"

Stop Motion Beer Pong

These guys have a lot of time on their hands, but the video is still pretty cool.

Royals By Mail

Reggie Sanders.

Sunday – 10/07/2007

Jimi Hendrix - Match Art

Build a sculpture of Jimi Hendrix with matches, then ignite.

awesome board break!

Very short, but sweet video. Breaking three different boards in one jump.

Saturday – 10/06/2007

How To Make Glow In The Dark Mountain Dew

Mix mountain dew, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide to give the bottle a neon glow.

Amazing Hammer Skills

At first you think he is going to injure himself. Even though he doesn't, it ends up being equally entertaining.

Friday – 10/05/2007

My New Haircut


Plah Doh - Sony Bravia Commercial

Shot over the course of 3 weeks in NYC, some 40 animators worked to create this real stop motion commercial for Sony.

Table Ultimate Frisbee

When there is foul weather, bring Ultimate inside.

Thursday – 10/04/2007

107 Flips on Top Spin

Riders at a carnival go for a new record on rather intense ride: 107 flips.

Danny Bonaduce Owns Jonny Fairplay

The altercation between Jonny Fairplay and Danny Bonaduce at the FOX Reality TV Awards.

Wednesday – 10/03/2007

Crowd Forms Human LCD

Footage from South Korea. Soccer fans wear jackets with two colors on front and back and orchestrate amazing cheers.

Infant with drinking problem

It's frightening how early children develop a drinking problem.

Little Kid Gets Owned By Slide

Maybe next time he will listen to his dad, and not jump.

Sunday – 09/30/2007

All Hail Technoviking

Clip from the "Fuck Parade" in Berlin, a rival to the annual "Love Parade"

Friday – 09/14/2007

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