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Wednesday – 10/17/2007

DMV Driver's License Prank

They'll give anyone a driver's license these days.

Amazing Wingsuit

Flying around the curves of a cliff with a wingsuit on. Sweet.

True Life of College Students

A well done video summarizing the life of a college student. Hits a lot of points right on the mark.

Crazy Dancing on NYC Subway

This is a much better way of getting donations than trying to sell socks. Yes, I have witnessed someone trying to sell socks on the NYC subway.

How to get the Dream Life of your Dreams

Some valuable information on how to obtain your dreams through the internet.

Tuesday – 10/16/2007

Bill O'Reilly Interviews Turtle Kid

He really needs to lay off the poor kid.

News Reporter Owned By Lizard

He literally shits his pants after a tiny lizard jumps on him.

Mt. Everest Climber is what?

News reporter gets a little mixed up.

Monday – 10/15/2007

CrossFire - Original Commercial

Old school commercial. See related links for a great live rendition of the CrossFire song.

Japanese Human Art

It takes some amazing coordination to be able to do this.

Penis Power

More than you will ever want to know.

Japanese Mob Scare Prank

It's amazing what kind of pranks you can pull off with an army of 75+ people.

Sunday – 10/14/2007

Robotic Chair Can Fix Itself

Now that our self destructing chairs can rebuild on their own, our scientists can go back to working on cures for diseases.

Friday – 10/12/2007

Inmates - Rice Mambo

Another great inmate dance.

Staten Island Councilman Gets Pissed

Scandinavian TV tries to pull a Borat on a councilman from Staten Island, James Oddo. He quickly learns that he is being led on, and gives them a piece of his mind.

Men's Commercial

This is how any given commercial sounds to a man.

Thursday – 10/11/2007

I Ran

SNL Digital short poking fun at the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Get out your F**cking Checkbook

He seems most trustworthy than most car salesman.

My Name is John Daker

There are too many things to comment about.


That's just it locking into place.... *thud*... I didn't lock it into place.

Seth's Bar Mitzvah - Group Karaoke

Watch for floating heads. This is absolutely priceless. It's amazing that they can stay on key without ever rehearsing. It gets a little wild towards the end.

Intense 3 Year Old

Too much caffeine before the preschool graduation results in erratic behavior.

Wednesday – 10/10/2007

32 Balls In The Face

A very efficient 35 seconds of video.

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