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Monday – 12/03/2007

Another Kid Excited For Pokemon

I don't remember ever being this excited about anything. ever.

I Have a Bad Case of Diarrhea

Well, i guess it's an important phrase to learn.

Car Accident On Live TV

In the middle of a live broadcast about a dangerous intersection, a car accident occurs in the background.

Hillary Clinton Farts During Debate

Hillary farts during the debate, and the crowd goes silent. The guy at the end really makes this video shine.

Slide Owns Kid Two Times In a Row

This child will develop a severe disorder later on in life in which he will be reduced to tears any time he sees a slide.

Sunday – 12/02/2007

Rock Band - Justice for all Drums

Screw guitar hero. I want this game immediately.

Beetle Juice Is Awkward

"...I don't know..."

Changing Clothes Very Quickly

They should have changed the clothes of the couple shown about 12 seconds into the clip...seriously, what's going on there?

Pokemon Theme By... Some Kid?

...what could possibly said about this clip? Other than "I WANT THAT GUITAR!!!!! (and hair cut.)"

Soulja Boy Christmas Lights

Christmas lights synced up to Soulja Boy's Crank Dat.

Barf Bag at Negative G's

Double whammy.

Blond 3rd Grade Geography Question

She gives a bad name to not only blondes, but human kind as well.

Another Wedding First Dance

Not quite as good as the last wedding dance video, but still an impressive performance.

Saturday – 12/01/2007

SNL - NRA Commercial

Dude, remember to take the safety off!

Meth Minute - "Nite Fite"

"Ray Charles IS heavy Metal."

Cat Man Do

Can we all finally agree that cats are obnoxious?

Grocery Store Rollercoaster

I hope to one day live in a world where people say, "Have you been to the grocery store with the four hundred foot drop?"

"Interesting" Career Change

From an episode of the classic "Family Double Dare."

Martin Scorcese's "Sesame Streets"

Elmo really delivers a breath taking performance.

2 Girls 1 Cup Grandma Reaction

I cannot believe someone had the nerves/balls to show 2girsl1cup to their grandmother.

Friday – 11/30/2007

Babies Eating Lemons

I still tend to have a pretty similar reaction...

Penn and Teller Reveal a Trick

...I'm still blown away.

"Flying Eagle" Bowling Shot

That's just a complicated way to make friends (or enemies) with the people in the lane next to you!

A Close Call on a Bungee Ride...

Does Janice not see him??

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