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Wednesday – 08/06/2008

I Hate Tennessee

It's like that throw up inside of a pumpkin.

Thursday – 07/31/2008

Coal: Cheap. Abundant. Cheap

Why don't we use coal to power more things?

Wednesday – 07/30/2008

Oliver Stone "W" Trailer

The first released trailer of Oliver Stone''s "W." Covering the life of George W. Bush.

Monday – 07/28/2008

Freak Revolving Door Accident

You will have to watch this a few times, but it looks like some security mechanism is mistakenly activated causing the doors to snap together, and leaving one poor man in between.

Wednesday – 07/09/2008

Best Gameshow Contestant Of All Time

She's Acute not Obtuse!

Tuesday – 07/08/2008

Fresh McCain of Washington

Cheney plays Carleton in this version.

Human Mirror

15 pairs of twins create a human mirror on a New York subway car.

Thursday – 07/03/2008

The Website Is Down

Forward this to all your IT friends. They are the only ones who will find it funny.

French Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

If he hadn't missed this question he would have been a shoe-in for the million.

Wednesday – 07/02/2008

Banned Ford Commercial

A banned commercial for the European Ford Sportka.

Monday – 06/23/2008

Gatorade Ball Girl

A viral marketing ad by Gatorade.

Sunday – 06/22/2008

Britney Spears America's Got Talent

Britney Spears impersonator gets the juices flowing in David Hasselhoff.

Saturday – 06/21/2008

Biggest Boss Iraqi Kid Remix

Remix of the Iraqi kid candy video.

Tuesday – 06/17/2008

World of World of Warcraft

A new game that lets you play a character that is playing a character in World of Warcraft.

Monday – 06/16/2008

New Incredible Hulk Trailer

Dr. Bruce Banner continues to find a cure for his gamma-radiation induced affliction where anger causes him to become the giant, green-skinned Incredible Hulk.

Friday – 06/13/2008

Cold News Anchor

This news anchor is heartless as he talks about the death of his coanchor.

Saturday – 06/07/2008

Amazing Finger Spinning Skills

A guy spins a bunch of things on his finger, including a Nintendo Wii and Macbook Air.

Friday – 06/06/2008

The Price Is Wrong, Bitch

A woman repeatedly fails at The Price Is Right.

Wednesday – 06/04/2008

Tribal Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping with Tarzan vines from the jungle does not sound particularly appealing.

Fluid Movement

This guy has some serious glass orb skillz.

Saturday – 05/31/2008

Fail Video Compilation

A very impressive array of fail videos.

2 Year Old Donkey Called Up to Pros

Scouts say Scraps is the best donkey basketball player they have seen in years, but some are concerned he's not mature enough for the big time.

Friday – 05/30/2008

Why You Should Buy Wii Fit

If Nintendo was smart, they would have purposefully made this video for viral marketing.

Gorilla Bursts Into Life

Cadburys 2007 advertisement featuring Gorilla and Phill Colins' I can feel it in the air tonight.

Thursday – 05/29/2008

Peanut Butter Federline

Break it down just breathe!

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