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Friday – 03/20/2009
Thursday – 03/19/2009
Wednesday – 03/18/2009

Osaka Bang! Everyone Plays Along

Would this work in the US?

Monday – 03/16/2009

Slugs Mating

The hypnotizing act of slugs mating.

Wednesday – 03/11/2009
Tuesday – 03/10/2009

New Eastern Motors Commercial: Top Gun

"That's what I don't like about you maestro.."

Monday – 03/09/2009

NFL Fantasy Football: Pick Me

Combination of the best NFL Fantasy Player Files.

Sunday – 03/08/2009

Treadmill Crip Walk

Slippers like a shooting star.

Thursday – 03/05/2009

Bike on Stairs

New Hall - Washington D.C.

Wednesday – 03/04/2009

Save Money on AA Batteries

Wait.. really??

Tuesday – 03/03/2009
Monday – 03/02/2009

Everything is amazing, no one is happy.

Louis CK on Conan. You are sitting in a CHAIR IN THE SKY.

Friday – 02/27/2009
Wednesday – 02/25/2009

Drunk History Volume One

Witness history as it's never been told before: Drunk. Derek Waters Presents: Drunk History vol. 1 Featuring Michael Cera

Tuesday – 02/24/2009

Mel Gibson in "The Colonel" on Jimmy Kimmel Live

"You have entrusted me with 10 herbs and spices.. but I have added an 11th... my tears"

Sunday – 02/22/2009

CNN Reporter Serving PEN** Blooper

Northwest Airlines is serving WHAT?

Friday – 02/20/2009

Ballad of Bernie Madoff

Parody of FreeCredit Report

Thursday – 02/19/2009
Tuesday – 02/17/2009

Alec Baldwin Mocks Joaquin Phoenix on Conan O'Brien

No actor could match the original performance.

Foxes Discover Trampoline

"Holy cow... you gotta try this... SERIOUSLY... you gotta try it!"


Please don't discontinue Sparks..

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