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2011 Soda Free Summer Video Contest

Make an educational and inspiring video about having a soda free summer and enter our 2011 Soda Free Summer Video Contest. $1000 in prizes to award! Visit www.sodafreesummer.org for campaign information. Visit sodafreesummer.wordpress.com starting June 21

Monday – 02/07/2011

Groupon Superbowl #Fail

Great Work On The Groupon Superbowl Commercial.

Wednesday – 02/02/2011

Uggcitrin: The Ugg Boot Vaccine

Babelgum's brand new drug to stop the spread of northeastern girls' obsession with bad fashion.

Wednesday – 01/19/2011
Tuesday – 01/18/2011

You can skip first half of clip. Maybe it needs some immodium?

Using some simple tricks in Photoshop, you can make simple camcorder footage look like a professional film.

Right onto the park bench!

From the same prison that brought you the Thriller video.

Out of all the ghost ride videos this is my favorite.

The way she stands there is particularly creepy.


Kent "Toast" French. 721 claps per minute, or 12 claps per second for 60 seconds. If you close your eyes, he could also pass for the fastest in another, more inappropriate, category.

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