Weiner Poopie Ransom Story

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Weiner Poopie History

Oakfield Township, Kent County.  A report by WZZM13:

A woman kept an 80 pound cement Jesus statue outside her house.  One day she went outside to find it gone.  They soon received an anonymous phone call saying "Check yerr mailbox" in a raspy voice. 

Inside their mailbox was a random letter stating "We are holding Jesus for ransom until you clean up the poopie from your weiners."

 "No adult's gonna waste their time doing that." The woman on why an adult would not put little marks around the word "Jesus."

Update 2/7/2008: The statue has been returned!
"Sunday night, Jean told WZZM 13 News the statue had been returned, taken not by neighbors but by a family member. She declined to explain further, only that this has now become a family situation"

See the article on WZZM 13 for the full story.

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