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Spindulik, 09/27/2008 @ 04:21:38 PM:
The tape was accidentally left in the camcorder, and the school's basketball team found it when they went to play back their game(see end of original SWK video - last frame), only to see that the SWk taped over it. The kid didn't commit suicide. His parents got a sly lawyer and sued the bad kids that uploaded it to the internet.
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some guy, 07/19/2008 @ 05:24:59 PM:
actually it was on the news awhile back, that his friend found the tape on the floor of the guys house when visiting and posted it. Also the kid committed suicide awhile after it was released online.
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sadiekay!, 01/02/2008 @ 10:18:22 PM:
W00ts!! Haha! lol
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