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DarkStar, 08/26/2009 @ 10:50:00 AM:
when I was 7 my dad got my mom the NEW TEFLON frypan - you know at the time it was connected to the space race and everything connected with that was cool . . at least to Guys ! My mother presented my dad with Hot Water Bottle and a poem the next christmas . . from then on out it was two big boxes from Montaldo's with huge bows - he learned his lesson and I never repreated that in my adult life . Great Video !
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VM, 02/20/2009 @ 07:58:20 PM:
Brilliant! Just Brilliant! I couldn't stop laughing. This commercial is so based on real life - that's why people connect to it.
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SOS, 02/13/2009 @ 07:24:38 AM:
My husband bought me the top of the line Dyson for Christmas and I loved it!
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Caligirl, 01/30/2009 @ 04:55:57 PM:
I would LOVE a nice piece of simple (real) jewelry over a vacuum cleaner any day of the week provided we could actually afford it. I'd never enjoy it if I knew he went into debt for it.
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Woe is me.., 01/21/2009 @ 07:48:03 AM:
At this point I would be happy with a "PAID" stamp, on my Electric Bill..
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