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I'm not quite sure what is going on here, but it's pretty cool.

This is a really messed up, and awesome prank.

She's come a long way since the days of True Lies.

Please, someone, tell me this is as joke.

Nice to see a viral video knock spoof in Family Guy.

The guy in the background is almost equally notable to the beer chugging.

Really, really frightening.

It saves time, without sacrificing, my look.

What goes up? MR HAPPY.

Martha has such a foul mouth sometimes.


With every additional second you see of this clip, the context of the placement will become even smaller.

Stay classy, Shrek.

Ahh Toilet Paper Foam

And you control the wetness!

Amazing Art Performance at Pageant

Good old Narcissus pageant!

Baby is Geography Wizard

Smarty Pants dance! Smarty Pants Dance!

Laughing Gas Kid

Little David is completely out of it after a visit to the dentist.

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