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How to Get Into Any Club

Pretty Funny... REALLY clever. I'm down to try some day. AND I think it might work better with that accent...

Swedish Self-Cleaning Toilet Commercial

Ballsy move on this company's part... but awesome commercial!

The Morning After

For every one night stand. There is always the morning after.

Paul Hunt Uneven Bars

Not sure what this type of uneven bars event is called, but we could have used it in the Olympics.

Internet Intervention

Myspace finally gives up on the Internet.

Beer Launcher on David Letterman

Yo dude this is awesome. Can I buy one of these?

New Airline Fees

Airlines start charging a bit...

Defensive Kitty

The poor guy just wanted that bread. Let him have it.

Racist National Spelling Bee

A clip by DerekComedy. The finals of the national spelling bee.

Que Hora Es Soap Opera

Remember your Spanish class in fourth grade? No? Okay thats fine you totally dont need it for this video... Enjoy the Soap Op-O...

Crank That Kosha Boy

Take on Soulja Boy's Crank that.

Lilly The Geography Genius Baby

Take that Miss South Carolina. This baby knows more geography than most U.S. adults. Long video, but watch a couple minutes to get the gist of it.

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