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German viral marketing

Whoa... I am never going shopping with a girl...

Skateboard Reporter Fail

That's what you get for trying out your "sick moves" on live television... so sad...

Dance Party Friday

Apparently this news station has a dance party on Fridays whenever there isnt traffic to report... ...wait until the shopping cart at the end... He's got some moves!

Op zoek naar Maria - In a train station

Its a Belgian reality TV show where they're looking for someone to play Maria von Trapp. Kinda crazy... but well done!

Ballad of Bernie Madoff

Parody of FreeCredit Report

Beware of the Doghouse- Hilarious!

NICE Viral Marketing... I like it! "All I did was tell my wife her mom looked hot in a bathing suit... it was supposed to be a compliment!"

Philip Lutzenkirchen's Incredible Play

Lutz's amazing play. Watch and enjoy his amazing ability to make plays. Video Revamped with more angles.

Vlad And Friend Boris Presents 'Song for Sarah' for Mrs. Palin

Two Russian dudes singing to Mrs. Palin... "doggonit you betcha doggonit". --Posted by tavery

Hollywood Director Attack Ads

What if Hollywood directors made attack ads... Awkward and hilarious...

Cool Kids Vote For New School

Kind of awk... but pretty funny and informative... I'll take it.

Minka Kelly Votes For Imagining New Energy

Another GAP voting ad... but this time with Minka Kelly, voted on some list as one of the 100 most beautiful women. NICE.

Bill Maher Votes For BBQ

Elections are coming up in less than a month and Gap brought together a bunch of people to tell others why they vote... and I pick Barbecue

Kristen Bell Votes For Those Who Can't

Same Idea was Bill Maher... but this time Kristen Bell gives her turn on it... and it just so happens to be a very hot turn... which Ive watched several times...

Baseball vs Batters Sack

Yikes! Thats gonna leave a mark.

Funny Little Girl Beatbox

I'll probably lose sleep over this video... but its pretty funny.

Amazing domino video for Restless Legs

WHOA INTENSE! But really cool

New Family - Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates (Long Version)

So I guess when you have BILLIONS of dollars and everyone thinks you're an ***... you can make videos like these. Kinda funny though... I'm sticking with PCs

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