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COTM - Dad Life

They be driving by deep in my landscape... yo these greens got nothing on my manscape...

Australian News Anchors on Wii Curling

His technique is flawless... but it's the teamwork that made it epic.

Victoria's Secret Commercial By Michael Bay HD

No more description necessary.

Central Florida Zoo Commercial

I think they did a great job with the sound effects... but WHO WANTS TO GO THERE NOW?!

Shiny Suds

Use the loofa... looofa loooofa looooooooofa

In the Can - Bud Light Lime

Who told you I like it in the can???

3 Year Old Drummer

This kid is really good for THREE years old! Sadly the guy talking at the end ruins this clip... real smooth.

Pro-Man Propaganda

watch for the boob grab...

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