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Breakin' and Poppin'

Amazing infomercial from 1985. "And tell mom and dad it's the safe way to break and pop, not the things you shouldn't try!"

Christopher Nolan's Hannah Montana

Christopher Nolan guest directs a special episode of Hannah Montana, utilizing the same voice coaches who helped him take "The Dark Knight" to the next level. Enjoy.

Mobile Treadmill: Invention Fail

This sort of does away with the convenience of working out at home, doesn't it?

Oozinator Marketing Team Meeting

We created a pedophile's dream gun!

Fail Video Compilation

A very impressive array of fail videos.

Babies for Obama

When he says it's a time for change, does that include diapers?


This might actually be a successful business endeavor...

Jon Stewart has a few choice words for Mitt Romney

Romney apparently ends his campaign so that America does not become the France of the 21st Century.

The Song of the Count (CENSORED)

See what censoring does!?

Piano Cover of DragonForce - "Through the Fire and Flames"

Tight rendition of the Guitar Hero 3 favorite.

One Last Song

A film by Dimitri Frazao

Jenny Owen Youngs - Hot In Herre

A folk rock cover of Nelly's timeless classic

Fake Interviews with Jay Leno

Hard to believe, but Michael Jackson is even more disturbing with the editing.

Trained Goldfish

Next thing you know, he'll be teaching them the Soulja Boy dance...

USA Tribute Using Speed Painting

Performed by Michael Israel in New York

I am a Disco Dancer

When he says "Dancing is my life," it actually means, "I like to scare little children."

Powerthirst 2

"Bear-blasting: the sport you'll invent because you'll be too energetic for normal sports."


FPS Doug gets into counterstrike.

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