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Learning to get Mugged (In English!)

Take. Anything. You. Want.

Invisible Skateboards

Doesn\\\\\\\'t this remind you of the Hoverboard from Back to the Future? I still want one. This video comes from the genius mind of Spike Jonze.

Dr. Kuni Goes WILD! (From Knocked Up)

An improvised take that was cut from the film "Knocked Up" where Dr. Kuni went crazy!

Kitchen Gun!


The Almost Dirtiest Drawings...

That is SO gro...oh, nevermind, Cool! a bird!

Men and Instructions...

I know how it goes, I once had a cat...same thing. From BBC's "Man Stroke Woman"

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

The kid's got talent... or something.

Flea Market Montgomery

It's like a mini-mall!

Keepon the Robot Dances in a Spoon music video

Keepon the robot can do two things. Look at people and dance. The two fundamental elements for being human.

Theo Jansen: Kinetic Sculptor

Some consider this guy a "modern day DaVinci." creating giant sculptures that run only off of the wind.

Attack of the Angry Sheep!

Suddenly I have a new appreciation for sweaters.

Fainting Goats

Theses goats freeze up when they are startled by anything from sounds to just being excited to eat food!

Stevie Wonder Plays The Talk Box

A 1972 Performance on the TV show "Soul". Stevie Wonder breaks into a solo "talk-box" version of "Papa Was a Rolling Stone"

Stevie Wonder On Sesame Street

Stevie Wonder takes the Sesame Street Theme to a new level with an all star group in the 70s.

Ikea Ad

Spike Jonze directs another great Ad, this time for Ikea...

James Brown Dance Lesson

James Brown teaches us the moves that make him the man. Keep an eye out for "The Camel Walk" during your next trip to the club.

Amazing Gap Ad

Gap is undergoing some changes.

FCU (with Bill Murray)

Fact: Bill Murray is awesome.

Town of "Today" Ad

From the crazy mind that made "The Triplets of Belleville" comes this clever little commercial...

Great Ad

Sometimes we should reconsider our feelings for all of our surroundings...

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