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Penn and Teller Reveal a Trick

...I'm still blown away.

"Flying Eagle" Bowling Shot

That's just a complicated way to make friends (or enemies) with the people in the lane next to you!

A Close Call on a Bungee Ride...

Does Janice not see him??

Crazy-1970s-Little Richard Discusses Jimi Hendrix

"He didn't mind lookin freaky...Like I don't mind it."

Improv Everywhere's Home Depot Prank

Once again, messing with peoples sense of reality...

The REAL Voice Guys

It'd be cool if they followed me everywhere narrating my day...except for the Disney guy, he'd ruin EVERYTHING.

Improv Everywhere's MP3 Experiment

When you need to know: Everyone in the colored shirts are listening to the creepy voice on MP3 players, no one else at the park knows what is going on or can hear the directions.

Curling: Get Swept Up in The Fun

Since when do they run commercials for a sport. I use the term sport in the loosest possible sense.

Johnny Depp Gets Performance From Japanese Pirate Children

HELLO MR. JOHNNY!!!! ...why is one of them rocking a Hitler moustache? By the way, they're playing an Electone, they play with both hands and their feet.


Short and Sweet.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Hardcore

I guess Raphael isn't the only rude one.

Honda ASIMO Commercial

Wow...that's a little bit emotional for some reason...*wipes tear*

Hotel Song!

This guy lip syncs Regina Spektor's "Hotel Song"... I think we all knew this guy in High School, or wish we did.

Two Girls, One Cup (The Song)

A love song by Jon Lajoie, inspired by the "two girls one cup song".

A Fun Lovin Bunch - Jug Time Music

Oooooh, the joys of Public Access...

Bush Versus Zombies

You are claiming the heat of the moon causes the dead to rise from their graves and walk among us and...?

Conan Visits to TV Shows

From his Emmy Introduction...

Human Giant's Escalating Interview

"Hey, I gotta put on my marshmallow pants and hit the boohoo button! Because I don\\\'t know where the cranberrys are!"

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