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Why the Friend's Theme and Sugar Ray Suck

"They took an episode of cops and made it a hit song."

Sir Ian McKellen Lets Us In On How to "Act"

"Sir Ian, Sir Ian, Sir Ian, WIZARD!!! YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!!! Sir Ian, Sir Ian..." talk about brilliant.

Martin Scorsese's American Express Commercial

The best part of this commercial is when he says "too violent"

Cop Rock Presents "The Baby Merchant"

DON'T forget that this isn't supposed to be funny. It's supposed to serious.

Team Tiger Awesome Brings Up The Issues

Black and White, Color, Black and White, Color...

Policeman Vs. Fireman

"...Stay in School..."

This Is A Talking Crazy Parrot

I think it's broken...I'm not sure why it's hilarious, but it is.

Talking Animals

My dog just says "LEAVE ME ALONE!!!"

Japanese Bathroom Prank

Right when you're thinking "No way..." it happens. Lesson learned: never use a toilet in Japan. Ever.

Hilarious Trigon Commercial

From the same people brought you "He Kicked Him in the Penis" and "Karate" comes another tale of crazy children. That boy hates that girl so much.

Elderly cover of The Who's "My Generation"

If you can make it to the last few seconds, you can seem them trying to break some guitars. TRYING.

Craziest Holiday Song Ever

Performed by "Straight No Chaser" this one really gets your head going...

Father Attempts to Scare a Baby... but Fails?

So bogus. What a rude baby. Just rude.

Return of the Hilarious Trigon Commercial Kid

Another epic tale of the little boy with the southern accent. Just moments after the camera stopped rolling, using karate, he broke both the director and producer's backs. Still seem so adorable? Didn't think so.

Igor Falecki - 5 Year Old Drummer

What could you do when you were five years old? I didn't even learn how to pick my nose until I was six.

"Machine Girl"- Future Cult Classic

Yakuza, Ninjas, AND Tempura? Honestly, can you ask for anything more?

Mythbusters - Do Pretty Girls Fart?

An unaired episode. The quality isn't great because it's being projected, but you'll definitely get a show.

Stevie Wonder's Ridiculous Drum Solo

The video quality may not be great, but you get the idea.

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