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Crazy Japanese Pizza Commcercial

Who watches this and thinks "OH MAN! let's order a pizza!"

Tommy Lee Jones Japanese Commercial

This is one of many Tommy Lee Jones commercials in which he is supposed to be an alien... selling coffee.

John Daker is BACK!!! (In a Sextet)

God Bless America! If not only for Peoria Local Access. Reva, the pianist, either loved or hated it so much that she made them do it again. She probaby loved it.

Spinning Ball Bowling Trick

I love how excited the announcers are.

Amazing Trick Shot in Pool

I think the dominos are the real hero in this shot. The guy only had to make one shot.

Controversial Book Reveals Wrestling Fans Are Fake

Thanks to the wonderfully consistent writing by the Onion.

Nascar Coach Reveals Winning Strategy: 'Drive Fast'

Thanks for the wonderful news written by The Onion News Network

Tracy Morgan Gets Crazy, Again, On The News

"What's your name again??"

Tracy Morgan Gets Crazy On Live TV

"Somebody gonna get pregnant!"


This is a real video from the 90s, I think most people will only make it through the first minute of this video but try and hang in until he says "I'm giving YOU! the keys to the Lamborghini."

Japan Presents: The Fertility Festival

Just when you thought the country couldn't get any weirder, they carry a 600 pound wooden penis one mile and prove your assumption dead wrong.

How Cocaine Is Made...

Cement, Gasoline, "Caustic Soda Solution," Ammonia, Quicklime, more gasoline, recycled gasoline, fresh gasoline, sulfuric acid, more ammonia, acetone, hydrocholride... Jeez, no wonder it makes people so high.

The UFO Guy

Maybe an "extra terreserral" got him and that's what they couldn't get any more in contact with him.

Kid Lets His Mom Know How He Truly Feels About Her...

So inspiring, I think I'm finally gonna break the same news to my mom.

I Hate Drake! (An old diary entry read by it's author)

Audio recorded in 2003 before a live theater audience at MORTIFIED, a comedy show that allows everyday adults to read their most embarrassing and real childhood writings.

Louis Armstrong Doesn't Like Just ANY Cake

This sounds like the doings of a stoned songwriter of the past.

Ninja Parade Slips Through Town Unnoticed

"A record crowd of 3000 people came out to not see the ninjas." From the Onion News Network.

McDonalds McDLT! Featuring George Costanza?

I'm not sold. Get Kramer or Newman and I'm in.

Inspiring News Report From The Onion News Network

"That shirt shielded you from the ridicule of others..."

The Switcheroo! (Switching Hannah Montana for Hannah Montana Look-alike)

The reason this video is hilarious has nothing to do with the switch... I think it's hilarious that this user blinds everyone with their choice of colors for text and they also are so upset they write "OMJ!!"... also the tool doing mic stand tricks.

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