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Stevie Wonder Rocks The House With "Superstition"...on Sesame Street?

What happened to this show? This is what little kids should be listening to, forget anything thats on that show now. THIS is what they need. Also, check out that sax player's shirt. Nice man.

Casey Kasem's Radio Outtake...

What a friendly sounding...uh oh. (For those of you don't know, Casey Kasem is a famous radio personality who started the "American Top 40" franchise.)

Snoop Dogg's Thoughts on Bill O'Reilly

I really want them to meet. I really want it.

Dog Versus Air

So hilarious except so creepy at the same time.

Stephen Wiltshire: The Human Camera

A truly incredible savant who has an amazing photographic memory.

Prime Cut Meat Market's Other Commerical

Doesn't even do justice when compared to that other Prime Cut commercial, but it's nice to see they truly are crazy.

Fight Breaks out At Leia's 22nd Birthday!

I need to start going to more parties like these.

Stephen Colbert Out of Character


Stephen Colbert Rocks The O'Reilly Factor

"I do my show a half hour a night four nights a week. I haven't seen my kids in eighteen months and I am losing calcium in my bones. Doctor's say I should stop, I'm not gonna."

Baby's Got What?

Ah, the struggles of no one understanding you.

Jesse James Dupree Vs. Tom Green

I'd be pissed too, but didn't Tom Green do stuff like that to people all the time? Didn't he paint his parent's house plaid, put a dead horse head in his parent's bed and airbrush porn on his dads car?

How Does Mitt Romney Bring Broaden His Voter Demographic?

"Bling Bling" and "Who Let The Dogs Out" Mitt, you're about 7 years too late...

Crispin Glover Is Crazy

Remember George McFly from Back To The Future? Well he appeared on Letterman in a wig, crazy clothes and some platform shoes and gets a little weird.

What If Theres Bears?

Maybe not in everyone\'s taste.

Impossible is the Opposite of Possible

Michael Cera lends a very inspiring hand to each and everyone of us.

Tom Cruise's Scientology Video

The pseudo-Mission Impossible music is hypnotizing me.

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