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Blindfolded Expert Battle Against Slash in Guitar Hero

Take THAT all you other Guitar-Hero-video-posters!!!

2-Year Old Rocks Out to System of a Down

He rocks so hard that he requires a diaper. That's a true hard rocker.

Hilarious Commercial from Thailand

I love how everyone just watches them.

Nickelback Gets Rocks Thrown At Them

This is the perfect moment to have the Simpson's Nelson go "HA HAH!"

Milk Gone Wild

Peta, sometimes you scare the CRAP out of me.

Ben Folds Plays Dr. Dre

You think thats good? You should hear Dr. Dre's cover of "Brick."

It's Raining McCain

"I'm gonna go out and let myself get, absolutely John McCain." I'm not sure that makes a lot of sense. Also, is the older white woman a ghost? She keeps disappearing.

Ridiculous Pommel Horse Fight Scene

I love how almost every hit has the same sound effect.

Oldie But Goodie-Korean Lip-Synch

I'm pretty sure this song plays in hell, back to back with "How Bizarre" by OMC.

The Best of Michael Scott, The Ladies Man.

Making the women of this world angry one woman at a time.

Sony Bravia PAINT Ad

The follow up to the bouncy balls? Making real-life paint fireworks!

Creators of South Park Present: Let's Build a Snowman!

From Trey Parker and Matt Stone's "CANNIBAL! THE MUSICAL!" their student film in 1996.

Colbert Ripping on Hillary Clinton

Lady in the Yellow Jacket '08 CLAP CLAP POINT POINT!

Amazing Sony TV Commercial

250,000 bouncy balls were actually released down 4 streets in San Francisco.

Greatest Insurance Commercial Ever?

As a true native of Illinois, I do know for a fact that this a real commercial.


Someone successfully described this piece of work as "the audio equivalent of khakis."

The Torn Mime Meets Natalie Imbruglia

If you can't make it through the first chunk, they do a duet at about 2:30 in. I'm not saying the song isn't good or anything, I just think we all heard it enough in 1997.

Chicago Public Access Presents: Chic-a-go-go

Public Access is truly the greatest invention of the 20th century. I don't care what you think about computers or transistors... it's Public Access.

Snoop Dogg Eats A Meal With Larry King

The strangest clash of cultures. My favorite part is when Larry King explains what an Arnold Palmer is and that he only eats two bites of food and gets out of there.

Kids Are Hilarious

There are some real winners in this compilation. The girl doing the bush face, the kid doing the macarena, and then of course the "IS THERE ANY POOP ON MY BUTT?" kid.

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