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Return Of The Worst Fight Scene Ever

My pretend-fighting when I was 6 was far more exciting than this.

Web Cam Dancer Get Busted By Dad!

"IS THIS WHAT YOUR FRIENDS ARE GETTING YOU INTO?? me their videos... and leave the room!!!"

The Meth Minute: The Craigs Phone It In

"I'm a good egg." so creepy.

A Dog and a Monkey Work Out Together

Is there anything Japan doesn't have on TV?

Viralcom Trailer

This will be an internet sensation. Essentially a viral video about making viral videos that will be found on websites for viral videos.

Stupid Animal Show Host Gets Bit By Cobra

Did he really expect any other outcome? Isn't the whole point of nature photography to get the photo while not intruding?

If Richard Pryor Had Been President

Clearly an inspiration for Dave Chappelle's "Black Bush"

Russian Music Sensation: Steklovata!!!

Can't wait til they come for their US tour!

Cinco Enyclopedia of Numbers! (Featuring The Office's Rainn Wilson)

"I'm thinking of a number. THERE IT IS!! 1763!!!!"

Toilets in Space: EXPLAINED!

A toilet so extreme, it requires a seatbelt.

Turn Off Your Phones In Class...

Gotta give him props, that was pretty awesome.

Pole Dancer Mistake

Wait for it, wait for it...

Kanye West Interview Overdub

"hey, hey I ain't nobody."

Classic Movie Scene: Jeff Spicoli Meets Mr. Hand

A true hero, Mr. Spicoli. From the film "Fast Times at Ridgement High"

Mr. T Sings Us a Song About Mothers

wait a minute, wait a minute! Don't bring any mothers into this...any other judgmental shallow insults are game though.

The German Coast Guard

Just imagine if a German ship was sinking in American waters...

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