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Truth About Bottled Water

Penn and Teller tell you the truth about bottled water.

Learn How to Play Guitar

The finger seals the deal.

DMV Driver's License Prank

They'll give anyone a driver's license these days.

News Reporter Owned By Lizard

He literally shits his pants after a tiny lizard jumps on him.

Mt. Everest Climber is what?

News reporter gets a little mixed up.

Japanese Human Art

It takes some amazing coordination to be able to do this.

Penis Power

More than you will ever want to know.

Japanese Mob Scare Prank

It's amazing what kind of pranks you can pull off with an army of 75+ people.

I Ran

SNL Digital short poking fun at the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Get out your F**cking Checkbook

He seems most trustworthy than most car salesman.

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