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Owner and dog having fun at the beach

I don't wanna take no sh*ty dawg home wit me!

Ortega Taco Pop

What makes your taco pop?

Bee Dance

Fact: When a honey bee returns to the hive after finding a good source of nectar, it performs a unique dance for fellow bees, detailing the distance, quality and quantity of the new nectar source.

Nancy Grace Verus Control Room

Elizabeth. Elizabeth. It's still up..... Elizabeth.

Bjork Attacks Reporter

Remember that time Bjork attacked a reporter? Well, we thought you should get a little refresher.

Port-a-potty Meeting Room Prank

Some poor souls leave the portable toilet they entered to find themselves in the middle of a business meeting.

32 Balls In The Face

A very efficient 35 seconds of video.

Future Dance

An old video, but definitely a must-watch if you have not already.

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