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Groupon Superbowl #Fail

Great Work On The Groupon Superbowl Commercial.

The Double Rainbow Song (Autotune Remix)

It's starting to look like a tripple rainbow...yeah!!

Fellowship of the Vuvuzela

The World Cup in Middle Earth.

Joel Bauer: Success Guaranteed.

To be the best, you have to learn from the best.

It's So Cold In The D

The New Hot Jam From The D..

Childish Gambino - New Prince

"Troy" from Community

The Ed Hardy Boys

"Sick Belt Buckle..Bro."

The Social Media Guru

"Holy Sh*t..."

Hitler Finds Out Kanye Disses Taylor Swift

Better than Inglorious Basterds?

2009 Spelling Bee: 'Negus'

"Could you say it again please? One more time?"

On Top of Spaghetti

Covered in mush.


"Hail to the MotherF*ckin Chief!"

From Ashy To Classy!

Heron? I don't do drugs.

Flutter: The New Twitter!

"I plan on starting my own company once I cash in on Flutter.. 10 characters - no vowels"

LightSaber Underwear Fight

"These are not the girls you are looking for.."

School of Rock: Remix Trailer

Not Jack Black's First Time in a Horror Film (I Still Know What You Did Last Summer: 1998)

New Eastern Motors Commercial: Top Gun

"That's what I don't like about you maestro.."

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