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Using some simple tricks in Photoshop, you can make simple camcorder footage look like a professional film.

Pretty hysterical spoof. "I use it morning, noon, and night you guys! Your wildest dreams have come true!!!!!!"

Right onto the park bench!

From the same prison that brought you the Thriller video.

Out of all the ghost ride videos this is my favorite.

The way she stands there is particularly creepy.


Kent "Toast" French. 721 claps per minute, or 12 claps per second for 60 seconds. If you close your eyes, he could also pass for the fastest in another, more inappropriate, category.

Wait until the end. Absolutely amazing painting performance art.

From the same man who made the carrot pan flute. He now is playing "Angels We Have Heard On High" on an Ocarina made of a large piece of Broccoli. His wife is accompanying him in the background.

Under Armour commercial shown during the first quarter of the 2008 Super Bowl.

Trailer for the Get Smart Movie.

Egg propaganda is back.

Much more humane than the original version: Babies Eating Anthrax.

A funny short about breakups, babysitters, and good times.

Something very satisfying about watching this. Especially with the people smoking.

Everyone, take notes on this scheme.

The REAL Sarah Palin appears on SNL. Apparently she was supposed to do this rap, but she did not feel comfortable, so Amy Pohler did the rap.

This video from 23/6 shows a synchronization of all three presidential debates. Many talking points were repeated over, and over, and over. At least they are talented at memorization.

Heavy on rhetoric, light on the feet.

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