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Another Epic Lego Costume

Now THIS is creative.

Pedobear Costume

Now this would be an awesome couple.

Creative Lego Costume

The cup holder really completes this.

The Mona Diesel

Your sleep tonight was just cut short.

Proud Injury

He's smiling because the lady dogs think he's a tough guy.

Google Costume

They are definitely feeling lucky.

Portrait of Man With XBOX

I'd like to visit this museum.

Swine Flu Deaths

Be scared.

Schwarzenegger Hidden Message

This allegedly is an actual letter sent by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to the California Legislature.

Attention Grabbing Headline

Always an essential part of flyer marketing.

Square A and Square B

Cover up the white square between them with your finger. Crazy.

Printer Jammed

PC Load Letter? What the F*CK IS THAT?

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