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Pregnant Jamie Lynn Speaks Out

The truth comes out about Jamie Lynn Spears and her pregnancy.

Homocil SNL Commercial

Who wants Creme Brulee???

Top Secret Drum Corps

The outstanding Swiss Top Secret Drum Corps recorded at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo in August 2006.

Puppy Vs. Robot

This robot is pretty sweet. See the related link below to check it out on Amazon. The robot is acting completely on its own, and is not remote controlled.

Marksman Has 100% Accuracy

My favorite part is when they show his cheeks flapping in slow motion.

He Loves a Fat Girl

Musical performance from the AMAZING Queens, NY public access show, 'Goddesses'. There are few more words to explain this.

School of Rock: Remix Trailer

Not Jack Black's First Time in a Horror Film (I Still Know What You Did Last Summer: 1998)

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