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DMV Driver's License Prank

They'll give anyone a driver's license these days.

Grocery Store Rollercoaster

I hope to one day live in a world where people say, "Have you been to the grocery store with the four hundred foot drop?"

The Song of the Count (CENSORED)

See what censoring does!?

Don't Throw Paperclips at Coworkers

He was MAKING A PHONE CALL, why did you have to bother him!

RC Car Plays Mario Theme With Bottles

A few of those notes were totally off, but we'll give some him credit.. i suppose.

Flaming Robotic Shopping Cart

When you see this on the street, you know the apocalypse is near. 1993 kinetic robotic art project using remote control, car batteries, aluminum parts, and cables - intentionally set on fire. http://www.gizmogarden.com

Nationwide Federline VIP Commercial

Probably one of the best commercials, ever.

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