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You can skip first half of clip. Maybe it needs some immodium?

Inmates - Rice Mambo

Another great inmate dance.

Death of a Chocolate Bunny

In case you were looking for multiple ways to desecrate a chocolate bunny.

Sir Ian McKellen Lets Us In On How to "Act"

"Sir Ian, Sir Ian, Sir Ian, WIZARD!!! YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!!! Sir Ian, Sir Ian..." talk about brilliant.

For The Birds by Pixar

A neat little computer animated film by Pixar. Kind of old, but first time posted here.

Kobe Bryant's 81 Point Rampage

A Higher Kill Count Than all 3 Rambo Movies Combined.. unless you count 'Son of Rambo' of course.

2009 Spelling Bee: 'Negus'

"Could you say it again please? One more time?"

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