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Stop Motion Beer Pong

These guys have a lot of time on their hands, but the video is still pretty cool.

Priceless Artifact Tech TV Blooper

Right after he finishes talking about how it is a one of a kind item, the item literally undergoes spontaneously combustion. The high voiced host can hardly contain himself.

Scared on Camera Part 1

Some of this is just plain mean.

Ukranian Sets Bench Press Record 1050lbs

290lb Ukranian Ryan Kennelly sets the world bench press record of 1050lbs (476.3 kg) beating the previous record of 1036lbs, which HE set.

Fat Kid Crispy New Freestyle

Old school video of a fat kid freestyling.

Tenori-On Demo

A preview of the Yamaha TENORI-ON instrument. Awesome.

Everyone, take notes on this scheme.

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