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Crazy Guy Reinvents The Wheel

On American Inventor, an absolute nutcase tries to reinvent the wheel of a bicycle by adding spinning hubcaps to it. I was really hoping he would flip out and attack someone.

Flight of the Conchord's "Jenny"

"oooh! ha! ha! ha! What a hilarious misunderstand..."

Dax Flame Working on Motion Picture

This kid is really something else.

The Beer Tree

Christmas tree built from 1050 stubbies (250ml bottles).

I Hate Drake! (An old diary entry read by it's author)

Audio recorded in 2003 before a live theater audience at MORTIFIED, a comedy show that allows everyday adults to read their most embarrassing and real childhood writings.

Blindfolded Expert Battle Against Slash in Guitar Hero

Take THAT all you other Guitar-Hero-video-posters!!!

Staring Contest by Magic Hugs


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