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Exoskeleton Turns Humans Into Terminators

It will probably be 10 years before we see these ready for production use, but it's still sweet.

Poor Fat Kid Almost Falls Off Ride While Aunt Laughs

I honestly feel really bad for this kid. When you appear to be in a life or death situation, you need support. The cackling coming from the next seat did not adequately quell his fears.

Happy Holidays: The Rap

Covering most of the holiday bases.

McCain Obama Dance Off

My friends, it's ON.

Snoop Dogg Makes Mashed Potatoes on Martha

Little bit of this yak-yak.

Joseph R. presents iPhone App: IFU*K (plus outtakes)

iFu*k. The newest iPhone4 app endeavor. This will revolutionize the world. Look at my face... Look at my ....

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