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Don't Ever Drink From Hotel Glasses

An undercover investigation reveals what really happens with hotel glasses. Think the Ritz is any better? Look at related links below to see the follow up investigation at 4-star hotels.

Infomercial Bloopers

9 full minutes of infomercial bloopers. Who could have known they have that much fun behind the scenes...

George Bush Motivational Speech

Slices of bush rhetoric put together to make him sound like even more of an arse.

2 Year Old Donkey Called Up to Pros

Scouts say Scraps is the best donkey basketball player they have seen in years, but some are concerned he's not mature enough for the big time.

Chicken Police

The chicken police rush to the scene of a rabbit fight and quickly restore order.

Snoop Dogg Makes Mashed Potatoes on Martha

Little bit of this yak-yak.

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