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Cup Stacking

You should see him setting the dinner table!

Basketball Player with 56 Inch Vertical Leap

Kadour Ziani is an Algerian Basketball player. He is 5'10" and has a 56 inch vertical leap. Incredible.

Skittles King Midas Advertisement

What would you do if everything you touched turned to Skittles?

Crispin Glover Is Crazy

Remember George McFly from Back To The Future? Well he appeared on Letterman in a wig, crazy clothes and some platform shoes and gets a little weird.

Flaming Robotic Shopping Cart

When you see this on the street, you know the apocalypse is near. 1993 kinetic robotic art project using remote control, car batteries, aluminum parts, and cables - intentionally set on fire.

Martha has such a foul mouth sometimes.

"Best Worst Movie" Trailer

A documentary about the classic film "Troll 2," a cult classic considered by some to be the "Best Worst Movie." Watch this documentary and watch TROLL 2!

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