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Beat Box Vs.Drummer

These guys are both pretty amazing. Long vid, but worth watching until the end.

SNL Cluckin' Chicken

The oxygen is leaving my brain!

Flight of the Conchord's "Jenny"

"oooh! ha! ha! ha! What a hilarious misunderstand..."

Human Hose

I am not exactly sure what this man is doing, but it is pretty incredible. Talk about backwash though.

Angry Cat Attacks Reporter

Her face after the attack is nothing short of priceless.

Stephen Wiltshire: The Human Camera

A truly incredible savant who has an amazing photographic memory.

Ren and Stimpy Log Song

The Ren and Stimpy Log song was a fundamental part of growing up for so many.

Childish Gambino - New Prince

"Troy" from Community

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