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Penn and Teller Reveal a Trick

...I'm still blown away.

Nissan Skateboard Commercial

A giant uses a Nissan as a skateboard. I've seen weirder things.

Drunk History Volume One

Witness history as it's never been told before: Drunk. Derek Waters Presents: Drunk History vol. 1 Featuring Michael Cera

Failed Treadmill Handstand

I am not sure what he was really going for with an attempted handstand on a treadmill, but I think we can all agree he got what he deserved.

Art of Shadow Oscars 2007

Amazing shadow show performed at the 2007 Oscars, called Art of Shadows.

Metal Clamp Found in Frozen Dinner

A girl finds a giant metal clamp in her frozen sesame chicken entree.

Fast Food Folk Song (at the Taco Bell Drive-Thru)

Iʼll start with a taco, soft like a cloud I want mine crunchy, I like to eat loud. Iʼll choose a chalupa, Iʼll grab a gordita, and two taco salads for our senoritas. And a Burrito Supreme, with extra sour cream Itʼs a cylindrically shaped seasoned be

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